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Co-sponsored Planning/Production/Promotion |ARTORY Inc.

WEB service development ARTORY
Planning solutions with IT and multimedia

A solution company that develops web services with the slogan “MAKE BUSINESS ENTERTAINING”. Since its establishment in 2011, it has been well versed in web, cloud, content production, application development, digital marketing, etc., and solves a wide range of client issues from regional companies to national clients with IT x creative.


Co-sponsored |VEDUTA

Reinterpreting kimono as street fashion

An apparel brand that proposes Japanese clothes as street fashion. Launched in 2018 by designer Masashi Watanabe, it has customers from both Japan and abroad.It is available at stores in New York, Shinjuku Isetan, Azabu Juban, etc. The brand name "VEDUTA" is Italian. It means "scenery", and it contains the desire to "create a scene where people all over the world wear Japanese kimonos as a matter of course."

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, the head temple of the Tendai sect

Special cooperation |Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

A World Heritage site with 1,200 years of history
One of Japan's leading ancient temples opened by Dengyo Daishi Saicho

The head temple of the Tendai sect of Japan, founded in the 7th year of Enryaku (788) by Saicho (767-822), a monk in the early Heian period. Hiei, an 848-meter high mountain in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, is the precinct of the temple, and the principal object of worship is Yakushi Nyorai. In 1994 (Heisei 6), it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the cultural properties of the ancient capital of Kyoto, as its 1,200-year history and tradition received high praise from the world. It is regarded as a representative sacred place of Japanese Buddhism because many famous monks, including the founders of the Jodo sect, Jodo Shinshu sect, Soto sect, and Nichiren sect, practiced here.


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