1. Dento LIVE

An online event will be held from 18:00 to 3 hours on October 10th!
How to participate in “VEDUTA COLLECTION x Dento LIVE”
live streaming from the World Heritage Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

point_01_icnThe Metaverse of the
World Heritage Site Enryakuji(Mt. Hiei)
appears on the home screen of the event.


The online event takes place in a virtual space called the Metaverse.
You can watch 3 live broadcast programs from “Virtual Enryakuji”!

You can enjoy various events by accessing “Hieizan Virtual Enryakuji” from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
No app download required. Anyone can participate by opening the URL from a browser.

  • Depart for Enryakuji with your avatar!

    Depart for Enryakuji with your avatar!

  • Game-like chat function

    Game-like chat function

  • listen to the peace belllisten to the peace bell

    listen to the peace belllisten to the peace bell

  • You can move freely within the precincts

    You can move freely within the precincts


    Holding schedule


    * Performance times are approximate. Depending on the progress of the day, it may be slightly around. Please note.

    point_02_icnEasy registration as a
    Dento LIVE member to
    participate in online events


    What is live commerce?

    It is a new experience that allows you to communicate with the performers and shop while watching the live broadcast on your smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.
    You can access the URL and participate without the need for a special app.



    Even if you do not register as a Dento LIVE member, you can watch the live broadcast,
    but we recommend registering as a member (free) to enjoy the functions of the online event.

    point_02_icnBuy a paid viewing ticket
    to enjoy the event even more

    ticket_01 ticket_01

    Dento LIVE can be viewed for free (high-definition video 720p), but there is a limit to the number of simultaneous viewers, so you may have to wait for your turn to view on the waiting page due to the system. If you want to be sure to watch it on time, we recommend purchasing a paid ticket.

    * Since paid viewing is delivered in full high definition high-definition video (1080p), you can enjoy the realism of LIVE even when watching on a large screen such as a computer or TV.

    ticlet_03 ticlet_03

    Your action turns into production!
    “Projection Mapping x Live Streaming”
    Create a fashion show production with
    next-generation interactive experience!

    While watching the live distribution of VEDUTA COLLECTION,
    you can experience an interactive participation function that links with the projection mapping production in real time.

    ticket_04 ticket_04 ticket_04

    There are also special tickets to support the
    activities of Dento LIVE and receive special rewards.

    ticket_07 sp_ticket_07