1. Dento LIVE


A project for sharing enlightenment adapted to our digital society.
Shining the light of culture for future generations

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple is the birthplace of Japanese Buddhism and home temple of the Tendai sect, which has influenced Japanese culture, thought, and history for 1,200 years. We endeavor to launch a project that will serve to pass on traditional culture in our digital society, taking as its symbol the birthplace of Tendai Buddhism, renowned as a wellspring of Japanese culture. With the fostering and transmission of culture as its mission, this project aims to create opportunities for Japanese people to awaken to their shared culture, mentality, and values passed down through generations, and shine a light on a corner of the next generation by releasing content which combines traditions, IT, and modern culture.

Dento means enlightening hearts and minds, and carrying on teachings and culture

Dento, the keyword of this plan, translates literally as “passing on the light,” meaning passing of the true teachings of Buddha down from master to student, and it is believed to originate from Shakyamuni’s message to his students shortly before his death, “Make my teachings the light on which you rely.”
Hieizan Enryakuji Temple is home to the Eternal Dharma Light which symbolizes dento. This Buddhist lamp has burned continuously since the founding of the temple by Saicho, and some say it is the source of the Japanese word for carelessness, which literally translates as “running out of oil.” The light would go out if the lantern ran out of oil, and it has been kept burning continuously for 1,200 years by constantly refilling it with fresh oil. Dento is also the Japanese word for tradition, and both contain the meaning of “connecting the past, present, and future,” as well as the desire to “enlighten hearts and minds, and shine a guiding light eternally.”


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